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Smoothly Streamline GMB Account for Maximized Online Presence

By efficiently streamlining your Google My Business account, you can ensure that your business information is accurate, easily accessible, and up-to-date, which can lead to increased visibility, customer engagement, and ultimately, more sales.

Verify & Update Business Info

Ensure your business info is consistent across all online platforms to avoid confusion among customers

Optimize Business Listing

Use relevant keywords in your listing to improve your search engine ranking and attract more customers

Monitor & Respond to Customer Reviews

Prompt responses show customers you value their opinions and are committed to providing excellent service

Utilize GMB Features

Take advantage of Google My Business features such as Google Posts, Q&A, and Messaging to engage with customers and provide them with relevant information

Our Process
Optimizing Your GMB Profile

Ensures your business information is accurate, up-to-date, and easy to find for potential customers searching online.

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Phone Calls


Phone Calls


Featured Services
Stand Out from the Crowd with GMB Manager
Online Appointments

Set up online booking for specific services, and customers can choose a time that works best for them.

Menu Management

Allows customers to view your menu items and prices before visiting your establishment in case you own a restaurant or food business.

Product Catalog

Allows customers to view your products and prices before visiting your store. You can also update your catalog with new items or sales promotions.


Particularly useful for customer support or to answer questions about your business.

Note that these features may not be available in all countries or for all business categories.

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Frequently Asked questions

Online Monk is an example of a third-party service provider that offers GMB integration services for a fee. The cost of using Online Monk’s services varies depending on the plan and features you choose.

Changes made through GMB Manager may take several days to appear on Google Search and Maps. Google’s algorithms need to crawl and verify the information before it can be updated. Some changes, such as a change in business hours, maybe updated more quickly.



Yes, you can manage multiple business locations through GMB Manager. You can create a single account and add all of your business locations to it. You can then manage each location’s information and settings individually or in bulk.

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